Sadie Meets Irish President "Mary Mc Aleese"


This meeting was in recognition of the part that Sadie played in the campaign for re-housing the residents of Springtown Camp.I introduced Sadie to the President and I was extremely proud to do so.The president put her two hands on Sadies shoulders and said "Sadie campbell Springtown Camp i am delighted to meet you.I then took a few steps back to allow Sadie and the president to chat.They chatted freely for a few minutes and their body language told me that they got on like a house on fire.
St Cecila's secondary school conference.
Sadie was invited to be part of a panel of civil rights activists to take part in a discussion with the sixth formers from different schools including St Cecilia's college.Sadie talked about springtown Camp, she also spoke of her presence on the march in Duke St on Oct 5th 1968 and her memories of it.




This is a recording made by Sadie Campbell in december 2007.In it she describes her life and times growing up and makes for fascinating listening.
Click on the MP3 PLayer below (This is a long interview so please give it time to load)