Womens Conference:


Sadie Campbell

Sadie Campbell had been especially invited by the conference organisers in order to pay tribute to her and to the other woman of Springtown camp. These woman worked for the civil rights of every one in Springtown Camp. Sadie told me she was all lured to accept the award but was quick to point out that the award was equally for her friends and co-activists such as Molly Killen,Kathleen Porter,Mrs mc Brearty,Mrs Mc Carron,Dolly Sweeny,Flory Divin,Mrs moore and indeed all the women of Springtown Camp.People like Sadie and her neighbours were the radicals of their time organising, protesting, civil disobedience and dont forget this was on 1958 that is ten years before 1968.
The conference started around 11-30 shortly after the arrival of the late bus from Belfast.On opening the conference the chairwoman and renowned journalist Susan McKay acknowledged Sadie as did the other two members of the panel.