Fame - Sadie Campbell

The Mayor, Councillor Helen Quigley has paid tribute to local woman Sadie Campbell for the important role she played in the city’s campaign for better housing.

The 85-year old pensioner was invited by the Mayor to the Guildhall yesterday where she was presented with a gift to acknowledge the role she played over 50 years in calling for better housing conditions for residents of Springtown Camp.

The Mayor, paying tribute to Sadie, said she was delighted as First Citizen to welcome her to the Guildhall to acknowledge the important role she played.

“Sadie Campbell is a great example of how local communities can work together to achieve a better future. Over 50 years ago, Sadie took it upon herself to campaign for better housing facilities for her family and neighbours. Back then, the conditions they lived in were totally unacceptable and thanks to the foresight and determination of people like Sadie, housing standards in Derry have improved tremendously.”



The Mayor added that Sadie had the foresight to see an injustice and to campaign against that injustice despite the many obstacles she faced. “She recognised the injustice that existed and was not prepared to accept it. She stood up and opposed it and fought for justice, not just for herself but for the many families living in the area at that time.”

The Mayor also paid tribute to Eamon Baker for helping to organise the visit and for recognising the important role Sadie played in the development of the city.

“It was a great honour for me to meet with Sadie today and hear the many wonderful stories she had to tell. She deserves to be recognised for her leadership in championing the cause of better housing for the people of Derry,” she added.

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