Sadie Campbell to meet Irish President "Mary Mc Aleese"


The Committee are hosting a two day International Civil Rights conference in the Guildhall on the 4th and 5th of October 2008. Members of this committee include Ivan Cooper, Fionbarra O' Dochartaigh and John Hume. Sadie will be part of a very distinguished group of people who will meet with the president on that day.?The commemoration committee agreed that Sadie Campbell, representing the People of Springtown Camp should take her place among other international civil rights activists. They hope by this meeting of Sadie and the president that it will be a recognition of her work and the work and struggle of all the residents of Springtown Camp. ?Ivan Cooper commented " Sadie, along with other Springtown Camp women, such as her friends and co-activists Molly Killen,Kathleen Porter,Mrs Mc Brearty,Mrs Mc Carron,Dolly Sweeny,Flory Divin and Mrs Moore were indeed involved in civil rights issues in 1959 up to 1964".

These woman invaded the Mayor's Chamber in the Guildhall in an act of civil disobedience years before civil disobedience became the norm and were under the threat of arrest from the then RUC. They were involved in leaflet campaigns and other acts of struggle culminating in the silent march from Springtown Camp to the Guildhall in January 1964 by the men,women and children of Springtown Camp. This same Guildhall is now hosting the International Civil Rights Conference forty years later. This should never be forgotten.?Sadie's meeting with the President will take place after the President's speech on Sat the 4th of Oct in the afternoon at 3.00. It would be nice to have many former Springtown camp residents in attendance.?A full report of Sadie's meeting with President Mary Mc Aleese will be published at the website . PS?There will be a social evening in the guildhall on the evening of the 4th oct from aproxx 8-00 to 11-30.This social evening is free And the organisors of the conference would love to see as many former Springtown Camp residents as possible.